Frequently Asked Questions

When should I get to the recruiting day?

We encourage you to attend the morning Career Fair from 9:00 to 11:00 am to chat with employers, ask questions about the organizations and generate new contacts. There may also be opportunities to pick up additional interviews with employers during this time.

In any case, you should plan to arrive at least a half hour before your first interview, and be sure to check in at the registration desk.

Where do the Recruiting Day Events  take place?

Please refer to the Upcoming Events calendar for specific times, locations, and directions for each event.

Do I have to pay for my travel to each recruiting day?

Yes, students are responsible for their own travel and accommodations. Please make your arrangements well in advance to get the best pricing and insure you are able to make the recruiting day.

Where can I stay?

It is your responsibility to find accommodations in each city.

How should I prepare for my interview(s)?

We strongly encourage you to make an appointment with your career office on campus to help you prepare. You should have a general understanding of the job you are interviewing for, and be sure to research the company thoroughly before your interview. You should also prepare a few questions for your interviewer. Please note that some employers may choose to conduct case interviews, so you should plan accordingly in those instances.