For Students

Slideshow2 shutterstock_111147212Participating with SLAC gives you access to off-campus job interviews with leading employers around the country! 

The Selective Liberal Arts Consortium provides students with off-campus interview opportunities for post-graduate and internship positions with top employers in many different fields.

The organizations that interview through SLAC come from all sectors, including for-profit, nonprofit, and government, and opportunities include entry-level jobs and internships in a wide range of areas, such as:

  • Education
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Political organizing
  • Technology
  • Economic research
  • Consulting
  • Public policy
  • Law
  • Medical & scientific research

Our Events

We offer 4 recruiting events: two Video Interview Days and two city-based Recruiting Days- in Washington, D.C. and New York. These events are ideal for seniors seeking entry-level jobs, or juniors seeking internships. Each event provides interviews with reputable employers, all in one day.

For both the city-based events and the video interview days, students review and apply for opportunities through our online recruiting system. Employers then extend invitations to the applicants they wish to interview, and students schedule their interviews online.

Video Interview Days

Video Interview Days enable both employers and students to connect without having to travel off-campus or off-site. These events take place in September, and interviews are coordinated through each school’s career center using Go-to-Meeting or other online service.

City-Based Recruiting Days

Our Washington, DC Recruiting Day and New York Recruiting Days are both held in January. Candidates selected for interviews arrange their own travel and accommodations. Recruiting Days start with a morning Career Fair, which allows students an additional opportunity to chat with employers, ask questions about their organization, and generate new contacts.  The afternoon transitions to pre-selected face-to-face interviews.


Interested? Please review carefully the student expectations, then find out more about how to participate.