How to Participate


We know you’re busy, so we make sure recruiting through SLAC is both productive and hassle-free. Here’s all you need to do:

Register with SLAC

If you’re ready to recruit top-quality candidates at either our City-Based Recruiting Days or Video Interview Days, please complete the online registration form. Once you’ve registered, our Recruiting Coordinator will be in touch to provide you with access to our recruiting database, walk you through the next steps, and answer any questions you may have along the way.

Post your positions

Once you’ve registered for an event and received access to the SLAC recruiting database, you can log in to post your position description(s). We recommend posting your positions well in advance of the deadline, to make sure there are no issues or questions. (See the timeline for specific deadlines for each event.) You may advertise as many positions as you like.

Select your candidates

The application period opens several weeks before each event. Students log in to the database to review opportunities and submit their application materials. After the application period closes, each employer receives an electronic resume bundle containing the application materials of interested students from each of the consortium schools.

Employers then have several days to review students’ application materials and make decisions regarding which candidates they wish to interview and which they’d like as alternates. When you’re ready to select your candidates, you can log in to the SLAC recruiting database to invite your selected students to interview. Students then sign up for interviews online; if any spaces remain, alternates may then sign up as well. All scheduling is handled online through SLAC, and each employer is sent a final schedule before the event.

Attend your event(s)

  • February Video Interview Days (Wed, Feb 26 & Thurs, Feb 27, 2020)

Employers should plan to arrive at least 30 minutes early to the city-based career fair/recruiting events.  Plan to bring copies of the students’ resumes and any materials you need for making notes. A continental breakfast and lunch is provided to all employers as well as beverages throughout the day.

Employers participating in New York or D.C. will be able to interview 9 students during the afternoon with two 15 minute breaks.  Typically interviews last 25 minutes with a 5 minute break between candidates.  If employers are unable to fill their interview schedule before the event, SLAC staff will collect student resumes on the day of the event for you to consider to fill any empty interview slot. You may also fill your unused interview slots with candidates you meet at the morning Career Fair.  All interviews are held in large rooms with multiple interview stations. We do our best to provide adequate space between interview tables.

Contact information for the SLAC event managers will be provided to all employers prior to the event.

Video Interview Days

Video interview days work in a similar fashion to city-based, in-person interviews. Students will be scheduled for specific time slots and will be interviewing with you via Go-To-Meeting  from a centralized location on their college campuses.  Employers will be provided with the student’s or college’s contact information and will call each candidate to begin the interview.  College staff will be on site with students to provide technical support.

Contact information for each college will be provided to all employers.

Follow up

The Recruiting Coordinator will follow-up with you to finalize details, answer any questions, and solicit any feedback you might have about the process. We also request that you keep us informed regarding your hiring outcomes.